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Job Description:

1.Responsible for the development and maintenance of the project's backend system。

2.Responsible for following up on platform operation monitoring and data analysis work。

3.Complete project development on time, with quality and quantity guaranteed,Research on emerging technologies,Continuously optimizing system architecture,Improve basic services。 quick-witted,Strong sense of responsibility,Able to withstand work pressure。


1、Bachelor's degree or above,Computer related majors,3More than years of relevant development work experience。

2、Proficiency based onLNMPofWebDevelopment Technology, be familiar withyii, yaf, ThinkPHP, zendEquiframeofUsage and implementation principles。

3、be familiar withmysql、redisApplication development,masterSQLTuning and data structure design。

4、be familiar withapplyJavascript、Ajax,Html,Div+CSS,VueEquitechnical。

5、Experience in large-scale project development,System tuning experience is preferred。

6、rightLNMP/LAMParchitectureofdeploy、build、optimization、Experience in troubleshooting and other areas is preferred。

7、Strong entrepreneurial spirit,Diligent and studious,Have teamwork spirit。

front endengineer

Job Description:

1.Collaborate with project managers and designers to quickly achieve first-class resultsofFrontend interface,optimizationCode and maintain goodofcompatibility,Improving user experience。

2.Based on business and project requirements,Conduct technological innovation,Analyze and provide the optimal solutionofFront end technology implementation plan。

3.rightFrontend developmentofnew techniquehaveSensative Smell ,Promote the evolution of front-end technology。

4.Conduct research on new technologies,sustainedrightMaintain and upgrade the front-end of the product。


1、understandWeb standard,be familiar with HTML、CSS、JavaScript Various front-end technologies。

2、be familiar with HTTP protocol。

3、Serious and responsible,Proactive and proactive,havegoodofTeamwork awareness。

4、understand Angularjs,Frontend engineering or Node.js Equitechnicalhaveresearch。

5、haveVueDevelopment experience is preferred。

6、Strong entrepreneurial spirit,Diligent and studious,Have teamwork spirit。

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